Alberta fraud


This video is from a 2012 speaking presentation.  It will give you in 30 minutes an insiders glimpse into how to steal billions from Canadians.  It looks at Alberta government system games that rob working Albertan’s of about half of their rightful retirement dollars.  Some investment “tricks of the trade” that you should know about.   Find this video on youtube at  Systemic Crime Pays!! Canadian investors robbed. if you prefer to view it there.  Inform yourself and vote out those politicians who allow you to be so badly cheated.  

If you would like to understand how the Ed Stelmach and Ted Morton Conservatives have helped you and your province to lose billions and billions of dollars, this information might be useful.

Financial abuse, financial negligence, intentional or inept, you be the judge.  Callously serving another master or simply corrupt, I cannot say.

I can only point out the examples, and add up the billions.  The rest is up to you.

How to cheat the public, hurt the public interest..................

...................and do it in the name of securities “regulation”.


The basic concept is this:

There is a class of people for whom the law does not apply.  A small portion of the population who are able to obtain permission to violate our laws simply by asking permission.   Imagine if this were available to you.  What powers you would possess?  What riches you could accumulate.  These things are done in secret, beyond the view of the public, with the help of some senior politicians in each province.  These things are done “to” your money, your investments, your retirement and your economy.  Would you like to learn more about how an elite class of our population gets away with this.......with your future retirement at stake?

Below is yet another billion dollars or so that could be lost for Alberta investors. (list is incomplete and preliminary, as of October 2012)